You can may want to look at workitem details or the list when you are not logged on to SwiftEnterprise or need the details for record. SwiftEnterprise provides the Print capability to print the details and even mail it to project members and external and non-SwiftEnterprise users.

To print workitems, go to the List view of the workitem and click the Print icon on the List View toolbar.

When printing you can select the following options:

  1. Print All or Selected Items: To print specific workitems, select the workitems in the List view to be printed and in the Print window, select Print Selected items. To print all workitems, and leave this option blank (without selecting any workitems in the List view).
  2. Output Format: Select Save to File or Output on Screen.
    On selecting Save to File, you can:

    • Save the file in Rich Text Format or a PDF format and set the page orientation to Portrait or Landscape. You can choose to save the file in a zip (compressed format) file by selecting the Zip Output File option.  You can choose to mail the file to yourself and your team members by selecting the Send By Email option. See Mailing the Workitem List/Details for more help.
      Note that the CSV option in Save to File is available only for List View printing.
    • On selecting Output on Screen, you can view the workitem list/details (based on your selection) on your screen, which opens in your browser window but cannot be saved on your system. The Send By Email, Orientation and Zip Output File options are not applicable.
  1. You can choose to print only the work-item List or workitem details in the Output Option:
    • Printing the Workitem list:  Select List View in the ‘Output Option’. A list of items will be displayed/printed in a columnar format with data as per the columns selected in the selected Table view. To print/view data for all columns including those not selected in the Table View, select the Print All Columns option.
    • Printing the Workitem Details: Select the Details option in the ‘Output Option’. From the Details section, select the sections that you want to print. To print all sections, select Include All Details option. Subsequently, check boxes for all sections are selected. The output is displayed/saved to a file, workitem wise, and based on the sections selected in the Print window. The fields and sections will be arranged as configured in the eForm of the workitem. See Defining eForm Field Print Settings and Defining eForm Print Settings (Sections) for more information.

Mailing the Work-Item List/Details

When you want your team members or external users to view the workitem list or details, you can select the workitems and mail it as a file to them. The mail is also sent to your registered email ID in the project (as updated in the Project Contacts).

In the Print window, select the various options, as required – Print Selected Items, Save to File in Output Format, and List View/Details in Output Option.

After you have selected the above options, select the Send By Email option to send the file via mail. Note that when you select the option, the Zip Output File option is selected automatically as the file will mailed in compressed format by default.

  1. To mail the file to yourself, select Send mail to the logged in user option.
  2. To select the team members/roles/resource groups in the plan, in the Mail Members pane, select the options appropriately:
    • To select team members individually in the plan, click Team Members. Press the CTRL/SHIFT keys and  select team members.
    • To select team members who are assigned a role that is exclusively defined in the project, in the Select Role list, select the required role. The team members with the role are listed in the Role pane on the left.
    • If you have created a resource group with a specific role, you can select team members grouped under Resource Group defined in the project. In the Select Resource Group list, select the required resource group.
  1. After you have selected one of the above options, to filter team members by Roles or Resource Groups, where you do not want to select individual team members, click Role or Resource Group. Press the CTRL/SHIFT keys and  select team members. To select roles/resource groups.
    • You may want to include other recipients neither allocated in the project nor assigned a project role. To include other recipients, enter the email ID of the person in the Other Recipients box in the Team Members pane and click Add.  The selected members/roles are added in the Mail Members pane.
    • To add all team members/roles listed in the Team Members pane, click Add All. You can remove a member from the Notification Members list. Select the member/role that you want to remove and click Remove. And to remove all the members/roles, click Remove All. The members/roles removed are displayed in the All Team Members list. The other recipients are indicated by the suffix ‘Other’ in the list.
    • You can remove a member/role from the Recipients list. Select the recipients that you want to remove and click Remove. To remove all the members/roles, click Remove All. Note that the members/roles are removed and displayed in the All Team Members list.
  2. Click  OK to send mail to the selected recipients.

Note: A confirmation alert will pop-up, if you have selected multiple roles (Project roles or Organization roles or resource filters)


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