You can upload attachments to work-items for future reference. These attachments can be downloaded, overwritten, and deleted.

Adding an Attachment to a Work-Item

You can add more than one attachment for a single document.

Note: To know the maximum limit of file size that you can attach, get in touch with your system administrator.


Ensure that the workitem has Attachments tab configured in its eForm. See Configuring the eForm Sections on how to enable the Attachments section.

If you are adding a new item, click the Add icon on the toolbar of the List view of the Module, define the details and save it. In the workitem Details view, click the Attachments tab. For an existing workitem, open the workitem and click  Attachments tab.

Click Add attachments and select the attachment from the required location on your computer. You can also drag the attachment from the required location on your computer and drop it in the Attachments segment. This adds the attachment above the previously added attachments in the listing of attachments. The version is 1 if the file is uploaded for the first time on the workitem.

Dragging and dropping of a  folder within the Attachments segment will attach the files contained in the folder to the work-item. You can add up to a maximum of 5 attachments at a go.

If the same attachment is added again, you have the option to overwrite the original attachment or replace it. On selecting replace option, it will be added as the replaced file and shown first in the attachments list. The version number is a link and it indicates the number of times the file has been re-attached. The previous version of the files below the attached file is shown in gray font.

Deleting Attachments

In the Attachments tab,  select the required attachment and click the Delete Attachment button. After confirmation, the deleted file is no longer listed in the list of attachments.

Downloading Attachments

You can download from the Attachments tab by selecting the file for downloading from attachments listing and clicking Download.
To download all the attachments at a go, select the Download All box. The View as HTML option does not support the following file formats for viewing as HTML files – .doc/.docx (that contain images), .zip, .mdp, .ppt, .jpeg, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, and .msg.

Note: For users of Chrome browser, copying the required files for attaching to the work-item and pasting them in the Attachments segment is allowed.

Adding Attachments through Excel

The sequence to be followed for adding  attachment(s) through excel which can be imported into SwiftEnterprise is as follows:

  1. In the exported file, type ‘A’ in the Action column for adding a new record and type the exact file name in “!$Add Attachments” column. You can add multiple attachments for which you have to add comma as a separator between two attachment names in the “!$Add Attachments” column.
  2. Add information to the mandatory fields of the work item and save the file. Ensure that the files mentioned in the “!$Add Attachments” column are present in the folder where the exported file is saved.
  3. Zip the attachment files and the modified work item and name the zip file same as the Work Item. For example to add attachments to Defect.xls/Defect.csv, the zipped file comprising of all the attachments is named This naming convention is not mandatory but is recommended to minimize scope of errors in adding attachments.
  4. After the file is uploaded, the name is displayed in the List of Attachments pane. Click Close This Window to return to the Item view.


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