Adding Comments

The Comments section in any workitem helps in collaborating with team members,  in context of the work-item and serves as a good knowledgebase.

The Comments section is available for every workitem, after it is added and saved.

If you don’t see the comments section for a workitem, it may have been hidden for the module. You can unhide it, if you have appropriate rights.

You can view all comments entered by various team members for an item. Every comment has the user’s name, profile picture, time and date stamp for it.

To add a comment to an workitem:

  1. Go to the required workitem and click the Comments section in the Details view

  2. Click the Add Comment icon. Type your comments in the comments box. You can type up to 2000 characters in the Comments box.

  3. Click Submit to save the comments.

  4. You can add replies to the comments made by other team members or by yourself too. The replies are displayed below the parent comment box.

  5. Parent comment has the Hide button, clicking which will hide all the replies (child comments) to the comment.  Hide toggles to “has <n> replies”, clicking which will display the replies.

  6. You can edit the comments made by you, but not made by others. To edit a comment in an workitem, in the Comments section, click the comment, which is a link. Edit your comment in the Comment box and click Submit.  The comments can be tracked based on the details displayed for each, such as the date and time, comment type, and team member who commented, also identified by the profile image displayed.

  7. The Comments entered when routing and rejecting the work-item are also listed in the Comments section. However, these are not editable. The Route and Unblock comments are shown with green colored left border and Block and Rejection comments are highlighted with a red colored left border to distinguish them from all other comments.

  8. Comments made by logged in users will be displayed with a lighter  background color of the comments  compared to the comments added by other  non-logged in users.

Adding Comments through Excel for Importing

While adding comments to an excel file, the $Comments column should have all the comments listed one below the other with numbering in following convention:

  • Parent comments should be numbered, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.
  • Child comments (replies)  to the parent comments should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc
  • The text added in “!$Add Comments” column is added as a new comment and shown as the most recent/top-most comment on importing the excel into SwiftEnterprise. The same is applicable to CSV files too.

Sending Mail from WorkItems

A workitem that needs team members’ attention, or sometimes when you want input from non-SwiftEnterprise users, you can mail the item details right from SwiftEnterprise.


Ensure that you have a mail client configured on your system, for example, MS Outlook.

Go to the required item and click the Send Mail icon on the toolbar. The Compose Message box appears with the link added in the message box. Enter the email Ids of the recipients and send the mail. Type more details so that the recipients know what to check in the item. The recipients can click the link and check the item on logging.


Many a time, you discuss a workitem over e-mail. Sometimes, you would like to record an important conversation in the application so that it is available to the other team members for reference.

The Collaborate feature lets you do this easily. You simply need to initiate an e-mail using Collaborate feature. All responses sent by the team members in that e-mail automatically get added as a comment on the workitem.

Collaborating with team member:

1. Open an instance of a workitem (Defect, Change Request and so on)

2. Click the Collaborate icon

3. In the new window, select the Team Members you want to collaborate on e-mail for this workitem.

You can make the selection based on the workflow stages or manually select the required team member (s). You also have an option to directly select all team members or all workflow stage members at a click.

4. Click Send.
The selected team member (s) will get an e-mail about the workitem. The mail is received by all the selected team members, leading to the start of collaboration.

5. When someone replies to the e-mail, the entire reply gets added as a comment on that workitem in SwiftEnterprise. This way, the conversation will get recorded on the workitem automatically without any additional steps and available for future reference in the application easily.

Note: The comments added through e-mail are not editable or replied to in the Comments section of the workitem like other generic comments.

Activity Log

The Activity log displays a list of activities performed on the item.

Each time a user saves the workitem, a log gets created along with a version. Clicking the version ID will show you the difference with its previous version to help you understand the changes.

Note: Version creation is governed by the following setting at the eForm’s configuration page:

Create Version: Save or Baseline


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